New Jersey Asbestos Safety Control Monitor (ASCM) Firm
New York State Asbestos Handler & Remediation Contractor
New Jersey Department of Labor Asbestos Remediation Firm
EPA/NY/NJ Certified Asbestos Inspectors/Investigators/Management Planners/Project Designers
New York City Air Sampling Technicians/Project Monitors
New Jersey Lead-Based Paint Evaluation Firm
New York State Lead-Based Paint Activities Firm
EPA/NJ/NY Certified Lead Inspectors/Risk Assessors
New Jersey Department of the Treasury DPMC Microbial Remediation Contractor
New Jersey Indoor Air Environmental Consultant (IEHA)
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) - Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Program
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) - Asbestos Analysts Registry (AAR) Program
Member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association
New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Home Improvement Contractor
State of New Jersey Certified Public Works Contractor