Radon Services

Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. Found all over the United States, radon is a naturally occurring colorless, odoroless, radioactive gas that exists naturally in soil, rock and groundwater. Radon emits ionizing radiation of several other radioactive isotopes known as radon decay products. When the ionizing radiation is released, it can enter a building through gaps and cracks that may exist in the building’s foundation, eventually contaminating the indoor air.

Radon is a known human lung carcinogen that is the largest source of radiation exposure, making it a serious risk to the general public today. Most inhaled radon is rapidly exhaled; however, the inhaled decay products readily deposit into the lungs, where they irradiate cells in the airways increasing the risk of lung cancer. The only way to determine if a property is contaminated with elevated levels of radon is to test for radon within the facility.

McCabe Environmental’s staff has been performing radon testing and inspection services since 1988. We have state certified Radon Measurement Specialists that utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to collect air samples for testing radon. Our staff has provided radon testing services to universities, hospitals, public and private school systems, private homes and multi-family residential buildings, architect and engineering firms, property management companies, child care facilities, and major transportation authorities. With this, we are considered one of the most experienced and diversified firms in the radon testing industry today. Our expertise comes from providing services to both the public and private sectors, in both residential and occupational settings. We can handle any project of any size.