Mold Services

McCabe Environmental has a staff of certified Microbial Consultants that perform mold investigations and inspections, as well as remediation design and surveillance. McCabe performs abatements of mold contamination in commercial properties, schools, child care centers and housing facilities. Our investigations consist of testing building surfaces, such as walls and ceilings, for water incursion and intrusion, utilizing non-destructive testing equipment, including infrared and borescope camera technology. Moisture readings are also collected from areas where water penetration is suspected, in addition to non-complaint areas for background comparison, in order to identify the conditions and effectively pinpoint the extent of the suspected mold contamination. Surface and bulk samples may be collected during a mold investigation and analyzed for mold identification, which enables the Microbial Consultant to confirm whether or not mold is present. If suspect mold is identified, air samples may be collected to determine if there is an airborne concentration, indicating a potential indoor air quality and health concern.
Once mold is identified and confirmed as being present, the Microbial Consultant can assist the client by designing a remediation plan and project specifications. All specifications are developed in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local law guidelines. Abatement monitoring and supervision are provided during the remediation process, which includes air and surface sample collection and analysis, as well as visual inspection for final clearance. Our abatement team can also conduct the mold abatement and remediation, returning your site back to a safe condition.

Mold Services include:

  • Mold Investigation, Sample Collection and Analysis
  • Mold Remediation Design
  • Mold Remediation and Abatement
  • Abatement Monitoring and Supervision
  • Clearance Sampling and Analysis

Licenses include:

  • New York State Department of Labor Mold Remediator Company
  • New York State Department of Labor Mold Assessor Company
  • State of New Jersey Department of the Treasury DPMC Microbial Remediation License