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Coronavirus and Other Contaminants

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that can be spread through the normal expulsion of respiratory droplets. These droplets can be further spread through normal hand-to-surface activity such as touching doorknobs, keyboards, copy machines, printers, telephones, faucets, cabinets or other frequently used surfaces.  Contamination, or disease spread, can be reduced, or even eliminated by disinfecting and/or frequent cleaning of surfaces that are subjected to touching by multiple individuals.  Additionally, other contaminants such as biological and chemical-laden dust can contribute to the spread of Covid, or other diseases, and can be reduced or eliminated during the cleaning process.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

McCabe’s team of experienced hazardous materials professionals can conduct a surface by surface cleaning, disinfection and decontamination of your facility. Our management team will work with your staff to develop the scope of work for you in order to prioritize the appropriate strategy for your facility and give you, your staff, and all building occupants, the peace of mind we all want. Our approach to the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is facility-specific and follows the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations and protocols and entails a multi-level plan to meet your expectations, standards and requirements. Whether you have a school, child care facility, professional, dental or medical office, housing or long-term care facility, commercial space, firehouse or transportation depot with maintenance and crew quarters, we can develop the level of cleaning required. The initial cleaning and disinfection will prepare your facility for re-occupancy of staff and patrons, while a regular and routine treatment and disinfection will keep and maintain that level of confidence needed to keep your occupants safe.