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McCabe Environmental has been providing microbial testing and remediation services for well over a decade now. Our microbial testing and inspection services utilize standards as we see fit to determine the extent of any microbiological contamination. We conduct both visual inspection and moisture readings for water incursion along with inspecting for microbiological contamination, as well as inspect for potential water incursion pathways and sources, and identify all conditions that may be the cause of the microbiological contamination.  We inspect areas and conditions such as the building roof, envelope and windows to identify possible leaks.  All inspection work is performed utilizing a DelmhorstÒ Moisture Meter BD-10 to determine the moisture within walls and ceiling materials, and a boroscope to inspect for microbiological contamination inside wall and/or ceiling cavities that are visually inaccessible.

Once mold has been identified, McCabe Environmental’s Microbial Division can provide our clients with remediation services. These steps include:

  • Isolate the work area with the construction of temporary polyethylene barriers & install a HEPA filtration air scrubber.
  •  Protect and isolate all HVAC equipment, floors and adjacent ceiling from mold contamination.
  •  Carefully remove the drywall and dispose of it properly.
  •  Disinfect and decontaminate all accessible stud surfaces within the containment area utilizing HEPA vacuums, commercial disinfectants, and/or hand and mechanical tools.
  •  Coat the effected surfaces and remaining wood studs with a mold resistant coating.
  •  Dismantle all isolation barriers and dispose of all waste generated in a landfill.

McCabe Environmental prides itself on our client satisfaction while ensuring a safe and inhabitable space for people to re-occupy.


Testimonial: McCabe Environmental was referred to me years ago when USA Architects needed a HazMat Consultant. An engineer, for whom I had much respect, said to me “You can confidently use McCabe Environmental in your proposal”. Little did I know that recommendation would lead to a long and enjoyable relationship with John Chiaviello, Vice-President. Today I consider us friends in addition to business associates.

Armand Christopher, AIA – USA Architects